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Karate for Kids

Here at Belleville Martial Arts Institute, we specialize in giving your children the tools needed to grow as martial artists, as students, as leaders, and ultimately as citizens. With over 50 years combined experience, we have the tools necessary to guide your children to success. We offer classes six days a week, all of which are available on an unlimited basis with your membership.

We put our experience to work, helping your children develop good habits for studying and maintaining a structured physical regiment. Your child will be immersed in a new peer group with like-minded goals. Keep in mind this training will go far beyond what your children learn in the dojo. We ask that parents and students provide copies of report cards so that we may monitor their progression in school and reward them for excellent and improved grades. If one of our students has declining grades, we can suspend certain aspects of his/her martial arts training until they show improvement. If a parent expresses a disciplinary problem with the student at home, we will support the parents and hold the student accountable in the dojo. To help our students learn discipline and proper behavior, we use both positive and negative reinforcement, including: praise, patches, leadership opportunities, games, push ups, and taking away of rewards.

 Most importantly, your child will learn self defense. This world we live in can be a dangerous place. Here at Belleville Martial Arts, we believe it is absolutely necessary that all children learn HOW and WHEN to defend themselves, and furthermore, how to AVOID situations that may warrant self defense.  While we pride ourselves on making self defense our primary focus; discipline, respect, honor, dignity, self-esteem, leadership, and citizenship are all integrated values of our program. Come in and let us show you!

Above: Master Adams (center) poses with Master Walton (right) and Sensei Turner (left)

Karate for Adults

Belleville Martial Arts Institute is owned and operated by Master Phil Walton,  who studies to this day under the renowned Grand Master Willie Adams. Master Adams is founder of the KIAI Association, which we are proud to be a part of. There are some very special aspects about the KIAI that you won't necessarily find at other karate schools. Number one, the workout is safe. The program was designed with adults in mind (see kids' info above). We have purposely developed techniques specifically for realistic self defense, as well as competition. Secondly, you will not be embarrassed. We have experienced instructors who will guide you through the orientation period. Third, the classes are fun! You will enjoy each and every class as you start to reach your personal fitness goals. You will always leave class feeling empowered in yourself through accomplishments and new concepts learned every day. In addition, you will receive the added bonus of learning the history and philosophy of martial arts. It may not change your standard of living - you will still eat food, wear clothes, drive a car - but as you embrace the concepts karate offers, you will begin to see a change within yourself and how you experience life around you. You will become more in tune and alert to your environment and increase your self awareness in being the change you want to see in the world.