Belleville Martial Arts Institute



Master Phil Walton

Owner/Head Instructor

Master Walton (right) has over 30 years of experience teaching isshinryu karate.  He received his go-dan (5th degree) rank in June of 2014.  His straight-forward style and extreme patience make him the perfect instructor.  Master Walton specializes in teaching true, self-defense, striking karate, and is a fantastic kata and forms instructor.  He is very traditional and emphasizes self discipline, respect, hard work, and peace of mind.  He has trained all experience levels, from beginner to master, and will take the time to teach you and your loved ones how to defend yourselves and become proficient in isshinryu karate.

Joshua Turner
Joshua (left) started karate when he was 6 years old, under Master Maben and Master Walton.  He was divisional Isshinryu World Campion in 1996 and 2000. Mr. Turner has a very laid back attitude.  He is extremely patient with his students and systematically gives them more than they can handle, so that they are constantly getting markedly better.  His hands-on approach to learning helps build muscle memory quickly.  Mr. Turner specializes in teaching sport fighting and women's self defense.  He believes that the martial arts and the ability to defend yourself are for everyone, universally.  Come in and let him teach you!