Karate Classes for all Ages

      Karate is a big commitment. When you sign a contract with a dojo, you are not only dedicating a portion of your paycheck to them, you are dedicating your time and hard work as well. This is why choosing a legitimate and time-tested establishment is critical. When signing your children or yourself up for a martial arts school, keep in mind that it is just that... It is a school. You should put the same effort into choosing a dojo as you would in deciding any aspect of your children's or your education.



  Here at Belleville Martial Arts Institute we offer a flat, monthly rate for an unlimited number of karate classes provided each week (please see schedule above). Up to 36 classes per month are offered! Unlike other dojos, we do not believe in testing fees or hidden charges of any kind. When a student earns a new rank or ability, he or she is awarded based on effort, practice, and execution. There are no fees required outside of monthly dues.We provide the first class absolutely free, with no obligation to purchase a membership. We do this because we are the best at what we do, and what we do is improve the discipline, strength, flexibility, power, agility, respect, honor, dignity, self-confidence, and humility of children and people of all ages.  More Info Here!



Belleville Martial Arts Institute

Karate for Kids

Your children's education is at the top of our priority list. We check students' report cards and reward them for excellent and improved grades. If one of our students has declining grades, we can suspend certain aspects of his/her martial arts training until they show improvement.  We opt to be involved in our students lives. If a parent expresses a disciplinary problem with the student at home, we will support the parents and hold the student accountable in the dojo. To help our students learn discipline and proper behavior, we use both positive and negative reinforcement, including: praise, patches, leadership opportunities, games, push ups, and taking away of rewards. More Info Here!