Student Reward Programs

S.T.O.R.M. Team Program

S.T.O.R.M.: Special Team Of Role Models

When you sign up for karate you received a sticker board. You should place your (child's) name on it and keep it with the gear you bring to class. Periodically stickers will be given to students. They should be placed on the sticker board in one of the nine spots. Once each of the nine spots are filled with different stickers you become a member of the STORM team! Students will receive a patch to show this accomplishment.

S.W.A.T. Team Program

S.W.A.T.: Special Winning Attitude Team

Occasionally a student will stand out as having an extremely positive attitude. He/she will never complain, always do what they are told, and always preform to the best of their ability. When this happens, we acknowledge this behavior by making them a SWAT team member, and they will receive a patch showing this accomplishment.

Black Belt Club

Once a student has decided to commit to earning their black belt, it is time to test their determination and metal! When a student signs the three year Black Belt Contract they become a member of the club. Members receive a BLACK BELT CLUB patch and are eligible for a blue Gi.

Ambassador Program

Some students become the backbone of our family. These students spread Isshinryu Karate wherever they go. They are leaders above all else. If these leaders bring in a new student who signs up for karate, they will receive a patch acknowledging their dedication to sharing karate with the world. Once they get five students to sign up, they may have silver hem sewn onto their Gi. After ten members sign up they may have gold hem. For every additional sign up after the fifth they will receive a gold star for their lapel. Cash or item rewards are often given out per successful referral.

Academic Achiever

If a student makes the honor roll, deans list, or a marked improvement in their school performance, they will be honored as an Academic Acheiver by proudly displaying their ACADEMIC ACHEIVER patch.

Assistant Instructor

Isfa student here at Belleville Martial Arts Institute always follows dojo etiquette and rules, is able to perform the first kata, and fully knows their upper body basics and kicks, they are eligible to become an assistant instructor and receive a patch if given the title.

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