The ancient Chinese martial arts system of Tai Chi consists of slow, flowing movements that involve the entire body. The continuous, flowing postures are combined with breathing techniques that encourage blood flow, oxygenation of the blood itself, and a meditative state of mind.

      Tai Chi is well suited for people of all ages. The movements are low impact and gentle. They allow one to improve strength, flexibility, and posture gradually without undue stress on the body. The benefits of Tai Chi are so drastic that scientists from around the world have conducted a wide range of studies to observe them (please see links with more information below!).

     This class is taught by John Plevinski, who has been teaching Tai Chi to people of all ages for many years. He is a patient and informative instructor who takes the time to explain the health benefits as well as self defense techniques of each posture. There is a wealth of benefits for your body, and the classes are fun! Come in and see! 

     Class times are Tuesday and Thursday From 6 to 7 pm. Students should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that allow movement. 

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