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We have been teaching Traditional Okinawan Karate in Belleville for the past 7 years and our members teach in multiple dojos throughout Michigan.  We offer Karate and Self defense for Police officers, firefighters, veterans, kids, women, and the disabled.  

Look through our website and come by to visit a class.  We are confident that you will want to sign up for Karate Core and start your journey toward your blackbelt and beyond.

Sensei Turner will now be running Classes MWF 5-6 pm at The Black Belt Academy at 6050 Rawsonville Road just South of I-94.  If you have any questions call Sensei Turner directly at



What is Karate Core?

     Karate Core is far more than your traditional karate school.  Yes we teach Karate to you and your family, but we are geared to offer FAR FAR more to you than just that.  As a member you will have full access to emmerse yourself in an entire world of martial arts taught by your Sensei and many others.  We are new and small but our vision is huge and we will be getting more instructors in our ranks very soon.  This however is not for you to worry about.  Your instructor is already here.  You will be able to access and interact with me via blog, vlogs, forum, membership pages, live chats and more.  As a long time instructor, I know that my job entails far more than teaching Karate.  I am a life coach, therapist, teacher, guide, friend and more.  These tools help me to be more connected with my Karate family... That's you and your family.

Karate Core is your essential hub to all of your taditional martial arts needs. especially Karate.  If you want to learn and earn a blackbelt in a traditional karate, under a traditional Karate instuctor, this is the place.  If you currently train in a traditional karate style and are looking to train in the privacy of your home, we are the place to come.  If you were previously training at a traditional Dojo, but had to move, or went on a vacation and don't want to quit your training and desire to gain rank or not lose time, we give you the ability to train under your master or a qualified instructor of your association, while you are absent from your dojo.

     Here at Karate Core, Sensei Turner and his affiliates have teamed up with multiple karate schools and associations.  We have only four goals.  

  1. To offer online Karate training all the way to blackbelt in traditional Okinawan Karate to all people who due to geography, disability, or time, can not train at a traditional Karate school.

  2. Help students who are already members of a traditional karate school continue their training while temporarily unable to attend a traditional karate school

  3. Help student earn a blackbelt when they have to be permanently removed from a traditional karate Dojo.  Such as those who move or their traditional school has gone out of business.

  4. Offer a safe non judgemental place for students and senseis alike to post forums, blogs, study guides and videos for people of all levels to learn more about the traditional Karate styles.



Learning how to defend yourself is every persons right and in my opinion responsibility.  Some people think that in order to properly learn how to defend yourself you have to work one on one with a partner in person.  I beg to differ.  In fact the guiding principle behind traditional karate is that you can learn self defense through repeated practice of choreographed movements by yourself until these movements become second nature.  This is called KATA and is the guiding force at the CORE of all karate and all of your testing in this system of karate.  With my program you will learn all of the katas necessary to defend yourself in a self defense situation.  Keep in mind that just learning them for a test will not help you defend yourself.  They must become second nature and you must be able to perform them fluently and effortlessly, without thought in order for them to be used in self defense.  Because we are using kata for self defense, 


"I've seen my energy levels and strength increase significantly since beginning this program"


January 10, 2017

"Sensei Turner makes it so easy by providing step by step instruction, and he's always available to answer my questions.


February 10, 2017

"I earned my blackbelt in just over three years"


March 10, 2017

Joshua turner

Certified Sensei/Karate instructor