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Karate Core

         The first question I am often asked when people are interested in learning Martial Arts from me is "What are your credentials?"  On our homepage I gave a brief summary on myself and my motivations behind starting Karate Core, but I hope in reading through this next page you will get a little better understanding of your Sensei.  When I was 6 years old my mom and grandparents enrolled me in the Martial Arts Program in Romulus, MI through the recreation department.   This program was being ran by Grandmaster Willie Adams.  I trained in an elementary school gym or senior center until I was 12 years old.  During these six years I had 3 main instructors.  Master Adams, Master Maiben, and Master Walton.  All were major instructors under Master Adams' instruction and the AOKA, a karate assoctiation of which Master Adams was the president of.  

          At 12 years old I began to train under Grandmaster Sam Santilli in Canton MI.  He is Master Adams' top student and currently the vice president of the KIAI Association of which Grandmaster Adams is the President.  Immediately, Master Santilli put me in the adult line.  I was the youngest student to be put in the adult line at that dojo.  I trained diligently and fought exclusively adults for many years.  Master Santilli was generous enough to promote me to Jr. Black Belt in 1996 after winning 1st place in all 3 divisions as a brown belt in the AOKA Grand Nationals tournament. (our biggest tournament back then), 

          I won the tournament again in  2000.  At this time it was called the World Isshinryu Karate Tournament.   By this time I had a solid blackbelt and had been training for 13 years.

          These were my formative years in Karate.  Many people shrug this time because of my youth but the truth is , these years are what separate my skills and abilities to both perform and teach, from other instructors.   Here's why.  Over half of the population feels that they  are too week to defend themselves.  Most women feel this way everyday, and believe it or not, most men feel that if they were to get into an altercation with a man that was 30 or 40 pounds heavier than them, they wouldn't have what it takes to win either.  During this time, I was mainly fighting against grown men.  All of them had me by nearly a hundred pounds.   I had to learn how to fight using these CORE systems.  Technique, Speed, Focus, Agility, Stances, mentality and Flow.  The beautiful thing about these Core utilities is that none of them are dependent on size, strength, or height.  At 12 years old I was breaking down 35 year old men who were fairly well trained and unfortunately embarrassing their ego until they quit.  This was never my intent.  My intent was purely self preservation and personal growth.  Just like you.  

          Years later I was offered the opportunity to open my own Dojo with Master Phil Walton in Belleville, MI.  We did so and in the last decade we have ran that dojo, teaching adults, children, men, women, healthy and disabled people all how to defend themselves.  I would love the opportunity to teach you as well.  I currently have many blackbelts that work under me.  100% of everything you learn will be another step towards successfully defending yourself, should you ever need to.  My program is not geared specifically to make you a blackbelt that is merely the end results.  My program is designed to help you protect yourself and your loved ones should you ever be forced to do so.   In the end you will earn a blackbelt if you work hard and practice.  But there are plenty of websites that will sell or give you a blackbelt in less than 2 years.  If this is your goal, I suggest you go there.  I don't give ANYTHING away.  Once in my program, you will get ONLY WHAT YOU EARN!