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Testing Criteria and timelines For solely online isshinryu karate training!

On the day you start Karate you are a Ju Kyu or 10 under rank.  This means that you are a 10th degree white belt.  As you progress through your ranks, you will begin to work your way down from 10 to 0.  0 is equal to a Blackbelt.  From there on you will progress upwards from Sho-Dan or 1st Blackbelt rank to 10th Dan of Grandmaster Blackbelt rank.  The rank of Blackbelt is 0 for a very important reason.  Once you are a Blackbelt you truly begin your training.  You have ALL of the basic criteria required to begin teaching yourself, and in most cases, others your craft.  It takes a minimum of three years to develop these basic principles and skills enough to even consider using them in real life applications.  The key word you should have taken from this is MINIMUM.  The minimum includes constant training and an extreme dedication.  Karate is similar to many sports in this respect.  You wouldn’t expect a three year practitioner to make the Olympic team, but if needed to, they could hold their own in a competition.  Likewise, once you have your Blackbelt, it’s not the end all be all, but you will be able to hold your own in competition or real life against a less experienced opponent. But honestly, and more importantly, the act of practicing karate WILL make your life better.

                The following is a guideline for your testing, promotion, and advancement in rank.  This is ONLY a guideline.  This is based off of studying and practicing at home as well as conferencing with me and my dojo.  In some cases, you may be working 1 on 1 with myself or another blackbelt or in a group with other members from our member page, but no matter the case, you are expected to maintain 4 hours per week of study/practice in order to hold to these timelines.  Once again, keep in mind, these are minimum timelines.  Your lifestyle, work demands, or family obligations may require you to hold to a longer timeline.  You may need to study longer or more to reach them.  I am excited to teach students who learn quickly faster than their timelines but I will NEVER promote a student to Blackbelt before their 3 year minimum.  Every test on this list will be approximately 3 months apart.

·         Ju Kyu :  (10th under rank)  This is your rank once you begin training.                                           

·         Learn steps

·         Learn fists type

·         Learn upper body basics

·         Learn power stances

·         Learn foot positions

·         Learn lower body basics

At the completion of this test you will obtain your first promotion certificate


Ku Kyu:  (9th under rank)  1st  promotion.                                                           

·         Learn Seisan Kata

·         Learn Bunkai

·         Learn history

·         Learn new stances

At the completion of this test you will receive a Yellow and White Obi.


Hachi Kyu: (8th under rank) 2nd promotion.

·         Learn Seiunchin Kata

·         Learn Bunkai

·         Learn GojuRyu history

·         Introduction to Maiai

·         Introduction to Kime

     At the completion of this test you will receive a Yellow Obi.


Sichi Kyu: (7th under rank) 3rd  promotion.

·         Learn Naihanche Kata

·         Learn tips for lower body speed and power

·         Learn Bunkai interpretations

·         Learn history

·         Learn ShorinRyu history

     At the completion of this test you will receive a Green and White Obi.


Roko Kyu: (6th under rank) 4th  promotion.

·         Learn Wansu Kata

·         Expand Bunkai understanding

·         Expand Kime understanding

·         Expand Maiai understanding

·         Expand self defense and fighting principals

     At the completion of this test you will receive a solid Green Obi.


Go Kyu: (5th under rank) 5th  promotion.

·        Learn Chinto Kata

·        Learn evasion and advanced fighting tactics

·        Learn advance joint lock principals

·        Have a CLEAR understanding of Maia

·        Have a CLEAR understanding of Kime

·        Develop your own Bunkai

     At the completion of this test you will receive a Brown and White Obi.


Yon Kyu: (4th under rank) 6th promotion.

·         Learn Kusanku Kata

·         Learn Deception in fighting principals

·         Learn advanced bunkai

·         Learn to recognize weakness in bunkai

·         Show and understanding of fighting an imaginary opponent.

     At the completion of this test you will receive a solid Brown Obi.


San Kyu: (3rd under rank) 7th promotion

·         Learn Sanchin Kata

·         Learn proper Isometric training

·         Learn Sanchin State

·         Learn Sanchin stance

     At the end of this test you will add a red bar to your Brown Obi.


Ni Kyu: (2nd under rank) 8th promotion

·         Receive and begin studying Black Belt study guides

·         Demonstrate a Good understanding of Bunkai

·         Demonstrate a Solid understanding of Stances and their usage

·         Demonstrate a working use of terminology

·         Demonstrate a working use of Kime

·         Demonstrate Power and agility in Kata

·         Demonstrate that you are able to teach Kata

     At the end of this test you will add a 9th red bar to your Brown Obi.


Ichi Kyu: (1st under rank) 10th promotion

·         Show a Blackbelt understanding of ALL Karate principals and Kata

     At the end of this test you will add a 3rd red bar to your obi



All of the above plus study guide materials!